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Studio House 2
  • Prize of the “Built Architecture / Individual House Architecture” section (ex aequo)

Studio House 2

Authors: arh. Raul-Dan Ardelean, arh. Simina Dron
Firm: DAAA / Dron and Ardelean Architects

Structure project: ing. Sterie Caradima (Keil-Bau), ing. Nicoleta Oprea (Keil-Bau)
plumbing: ing. Elena Iatan (Noa Proiect), ing. Alexandru Iatan (Noa Proiect), ing. Angel Dogeanu
Builder: Zahiu Elva
Photo: Adrian Andrei

Authors’ Comment

Thought about the project

In a heterogeneous tissue on the outskirts of Bucharest, place of typical real estate "developments", the Studio House makes its place. The project presents itself as an isolated volume, surrounded by green vegetation at all times. At first sight, it is perceived as an opaque, introverted object, but once you look up, you discover a diaphanous, translucent volume, whose boundaries become diffuse and merge with the sky. All this duality between opaque and translucent is projected against a background composed of a dense forest, which challenges you to imagine what is happening in the privacy of the courtyard.

The house is discovered by walking through it. The more you delve into the intimacy of the spaces, the more their dimensions, proportions and relation to the outside are justified. The house itself is set back from the street and has a strong relationship with the garden, respectively the forest, through a fully glazed facade that opens up entirely. Two more levels sit above this, two entities with dual characters, the recording studio, completely opaque, and the painting workshop, translucent, which introduces you in an ideal atmosphere for the creative process.

The project accepts scenarios and constitutes an intimate setting of everyday life, a harmonious combination between the personal and professional activities of the beneficiary.

Text provided by Adrian Andrei, student architect and photographer