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  • Nomination for the “Dissertation Projects” section

Orthodox monastery in Transylvania

sat Moșuni, jud. Mureș, România
Author: stud. Andrei TACHE
Tutor: arh. Ana-Maria Goilav
inginer: ing. Mădălin Coman

Authors’ Comment

The project is based on a real scenario, that was developed into an integrated model for a monastic community in today's social context. The project proposes an autonomous platform enhanced with a series of mechanisms aimed at producing social impact, a hub for development in the area. It is a model for contemporary rural life, a space dedicated to adults and children from surrounding villages. At the same time it works as an attractor for believers nationwide. Its activities that can take place here without interfering with the still life of the nuns. The building follows the slope of the terrain to produce three different areas: one for the sisters, one for temporary living and one for visitors. The area for temporary living is dedicated to women in need, possibly single mothers or living under the stress of poverty. They find shelter, learn new trades and work together with the nuns. They are hosted on a predetermined period, producing a second community, that functions similarly and is cooperating with the sisters. They live as nuns without entering the ecclesiastical community. The third layer contains the public area and provides housing for the constant flow of visitors.