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Professional training center

Iasi, jud. Iași, România
Author: Ioan-Răzvan MOLIE
Tutor: dr. arh. Dorin Stefan Adam

Authors’ Comment

The proposed project aims to revitalize the Lăpuşneanu area by creating spaces for creative activities in an organized manner and supported, for exposure and promotion of trades related to craft and handicraft, which is after all, the memory of old street . The proposed solution aims to find a answer for an decomposed area of Iasi. Currently, street Lăpuşneanu is alive by the persistence of the human factor, but with an insufficient architectural support for events that take place here - semantics pedestrian impose to reconsider the syntax – Romtelecom Parking – as it is found in urban consciousness, a syncope during pedestrian, a residual space, although it is unoccupied, choking street. It requires a coherent and integrated intervention in the place’s personality. More than a constructive support, is required architectural scenography, an event that anchor element in the urban configuration of the place. This approach circumscribe a shopping center, and cultural (traditions that considered in the light of old trades and professions fair townspeople posed the importance of contact and the authorities of this size insufficiently known and exploited).