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Center for translational research in psychiatry and neuroscience

București, România
Author: Madalina URAM
Tutor: Lect. dr. arh. Haytham Zeki
Lect. dr. arh. Ana-Maria Vesa Dobre

Authors’ Comment

WHAT? A multidisciplinary research center, focused on neuroscience and psychiatry, integrated in the city of Bucharest as an extension and completion of an existing medical institute area.
WHY? The project represents a follow up of the dissertation project, a practical dimension brought to the aspects presented in theory. The project’s concept starts from a series of GUIDING LINES: Identity, Intimacy, Flexibility, Inovation, Transitional Areas, Equilibrium and Sustainability.
WHERE? In the district 4 of the city of Bucharest, neighboured by the National Neurology Institute, the Children Psychiatry Hospital Dr. Al. Obregia and the former Medical Equipment Production Company.
FOR WHOM? The center is dedicated to doctors, scientists, students in training, professors, but also pacients that are donors or volunteeers in certain clinical trials - from within or outside the country.
HOW? The new insertion emphasizes the permeability of the site’s limit that is facing the existent medical institutes - from which it undertakes a series of qualities, in order to provide unity and continuity at a functional, organisational and visual level.