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From place to place

Enisala, jud. Tulcea, România
Author: Stefan PAVALUTA
Tutor: sef lucrari dr. arh. Justin Baroncea

Authors’ Comment

This project proposes a strategy for a integrated tourism system in the Enisala fortress area, Tulceacounty. The principles are based on conservation ofhistorical areas and resource use in the area, both natural and anthropic.The adaptation of historical sites is based on a thorough analysis regardingcultural values, the state of the building, and research into conservation methods Depending on the materials already found in the ruins, how it is built and counting the factorsinfluencing sustainability of the repairs. It will establish an attitude towards the historic site based on a
balance between architectural values and sensitivity of intervention in such a location, ofnational interest. For these reasons, the study of heritage preservation methods, therevitalization and enhancement of the historical monument necessary for structuring this project, thesite was classified a historic monument class A, the natural andhuman role is a part of the construction project. If cultural segment consists ofArchaeological Heritage, the presence of other resources will be harnessed in differente types of
tourism: water, oenological, culinary, equestrian.