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Proficiency development center for the blind

București, România
Author: Miruna DARIE
Tutor: Prof. dr. arh. Stefan Scafa Udriste

Authors’ Comment

Architecture is, undoubtful, an area of the visual environment. Almost all of its aspects (concept, design, presentation, critique, propaganda and execution) approach the visual sense, rather than the other senses. More and more, during the last decades, along with the technology and equipment development, the visual images and formal features of architecture influence the spatial experience. But what happens if we can’t perceive the visual part of architecture? Can it still maintain its character and significance? Can we discover its spaces on a sensory level?
This project introduces the design of a proficiency development center for the visually impaired, as an extension of the educational and rehabilitation programme for the blind. The challenge of this thesis is conceiving a building with a double facet design, depending of the type of user (the general population sees it, as the visually impaired sense it). The humanitarian concept of this project refers to the social integration and encouragement of independence of the blind throughout daily life. The building will be built according to the special legislation and standards for the visually impaired, with safety, easy circulation and orientation as main concerns.