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Bratianu Cultural Foundation | Intervention at the Bratianu Estate

Ștefanesti, jud. Argeș, România
Author: Amalia ȚUCĂ
Tutor: lect. dr. arh. Vladimir Nicula

Authors’ Comment

The topic of my thesis is Bratianu Cultural Foundation | Intervention at the Bratianu Estate. The site is located in the city of Stefanesti, 6 km outside of Pitesti, and about 100 km outside of Bucharest. I chose this site due to its cultural importance, and as a result of all elements combined, which come together into a truly exceptional site.
Besides highlighting the cultural and social potential of such an architectural landmark for the Romanian culture, the project aims to create working areas for seminaries, lectures, historical research discussions, as well as a new auditorium. All these activities are coordinated by “Bratianu Cultural Center” in collaboration with the National School of Politics and Administrative Studies. The new establishment will be open to the public, and will facilitate the interaction with the specialized environment, thus becoming the liaison between heritage and contemporary values.
In conclusion, the intervention designed takes some of the burden away from the existing Villa, and by doing so it creates new spaces fit for contemporary functions, leaving the mansion's heritage intact.