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Urban Crossover

Craiova, jud. Dolj, România
Author: Dorin Ionut CUCU
Tutor: conf.dr.arh Cosmin Caciuc

Authors’ Comment

The diploma project features a conversion from a kid’s theatre to a biblioteque and it completes the restoration process of the old city centre of Craiova. The building is placed inside the influence limit of the old city and it is built in an eclectic style related with the XIX century. From the studies, focused on revitalizing the theatre, it resulted the necessity of a biblioteque, in close community with connection functions (coffee shop, workshops, public plaza), due to the proximity of the University of Craiova. The architecture is based on the concept of integration, the space being brought to life by the plaza on the base floor, the portico from the underground level and the innovative idea of a green space, made with ropes. The all mineral space makes it fit between the spaces of the old city and it adds and interest point on the visiting routs, making it a social centre. The new library is based on the functional and social necessities that are always present in an old city centre and it brings back to life a lost space, the old kid’s theatre.