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  • Prize of the “Dissertation Projects” section

Ecological research center

crisan, jud. Tulcea, România
Author: Lucian TOFAN
Tutor: Dorin Stefan Adam

Authors’ Comment

The project starts from the belief, prevalent in ecology, that the predominant factor affecting the welfare of any ecosystem is the human.
The idea behind the project is that the research center must be as tied to local communities inside of delta, as linked to the countryside they are studying. The research program must be joined to one of engagement with local communities. The main question it seeks to answer: how can an isolated community, such as Crisan, integrate the function of a modern research center, and its adjacent scientific community.
So, the solution proposes the opening of center’s functions. As Aldo Rossi states, "an amphitheater will be almost always empty". Thus, the library, auditorium, cafeteria, accommodation units are used, built and managed in common with the local community. Center rooms can become a school for the children from the community.
The long street of the village being the only public space, the functions of the center are lined up along it. Instead of a single body, foreign of the local houses, the enclosures are scattered among the various buildings and gardens of the village, as simple constructions, rooted in the local context.