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Transylvanian museum of industry and crafts

jud. Sibiu, România
Author: Alexandra Maria BALAUCA
Tutor: Prof. arh. Codina Dusoiu
Prof arh. Dragos Perju
ing. Mircea Crisan

Authors’ Comment

The site for my project is the “Independence” factory, known as the first factory of agricultural machinery in Transylvania.
A first step of my project was the connection of the industrial site with the city surrounding it. I also assessed the buildings which could be preserved and adapted for being reused highlighting their potential.
My approach proposes volumes of a reduced height on the print of some old buildings, allowing them to coexist with the industrial halls.A new value is given to the project by reinterpreting the original spaces used for production, storage or administration.The memory of the old place is kept by exhibiting some big size industrial machinery. Also, the open air museum is connected to the main hall, which uses the old railroad tracks system on which the exhibited machineries can be moved around for certain events.
A very important aspect is the flexibility of the space to allow visitors to participate in related activities (watching documentaries, trying out the scientific simulators, visiting the labs which explain different scientific phenomena or watch the restoration process).
The solution lies in achieving an active and flexible space in which the industrial function is substituted by a cultural-tourist-educational service.