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Theatre and theatre school

Padova, Italia
Author: Anca NECULOIU
Tutor: arh. Iulius Cristea

Authors’ Comment

One of the things that I considered was the relation between the building and the channel/park/historical center as well as the relation between the new building and the existing buildings.
Given the fact that the existing buildings are of cultural interest, I decided to keep them and give them new functions: the larger, western one, is hosting the theatre school and the other one, from the eastern side of the site is the secondary auditorium. Only the exterior of the buildings is kept, the interior being reorganized completely.
The main building consists of the theatre. This is the new intervention on the site and connects the existing buildings while creating new spaces for the public.
The plan shape of the building is inspired by the local typology of building, with inner courtyard adapted to the triangular shaped site and uses porticos inspired by the historical town of Padova as spaces of transition between old and new (old building/new theatre, old town/new town, modern theatre/contemporary theatre).
The new building aims to complete the street front, creating a unitary ensemble and to direct the spaces designated to the public towards the channel and the park.