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Oenological and Vinotherapeutic Center Jariștea

Jariștea, jud. Vrancea, România
Author: Delia PRISECARU
Tutor: prof. dr. arh. Zeno Bogdănescu
ing. Dragoș Marcu

Authors’ Comment

The wine cellar, quintessential metaphor of the technological process, is nothing but an anthropic form of vine. The vine shoots thrust their roots to absorb the sap; meanwhile, the wine cellar digs in the same terroir in search of balance. Through the secret of the soil, it provides protection and successive refinement to the wine, ensured by the very substance that generated it. Two sequential metamorphoses collocated within two different shelters embody the intrinsic features of the soil in a closed circuit.
The space deems it fit to generate meaningful experiences throughout the visit, to either connect with the visitor or facilitate his interaction with the landscape. A tour of the ensemble stimulates the four senses in a dynamic perspective. The architectural promenade creates the opportunity for keen emotions; the meeting between the wine producer and the consumer becomes a memorable one, bearing sensorial significance. The site personality and the expressiveness are blending within the architectural environment generating a series of wine culture connected experiences.
This kind of architecture provides the perfect place for long-lasting visits and ensures the consumer’s loyalty to the brand and place.