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Inhabiting Moșilor

București, România
Author: Theodor Andrei IONIȚĂ
Tutor: prof. dr. arh. Dorin Stefan, dr. arh. Dan Dinoiu, dr. ing. Dragoș Marcu.

Authors’ Comment

The most notable threat impending Calea Mosilor is the high number of buildings which are in an advanced state of decay. The opportunity at hand is to salvage a valuable building designed by Marcel Iancu, one of the most notable Romanian architects during modern times. The existence of an open plot next to the building presented the possibility of a structural rehabilitation which in turn acts as an architectural extension, whilst recovering the unused terrace.
The solution implies generating structural concrete diaphragms which act as buttresses, reducing the major intervention needed inside to consolidate the building. The resulting spaces determined by the disposition of the diaphragms will comprise the new building. Similar to a vice, the diaphragms compress the architectural space and matter, as well as the actual concept of habitation, giving way to a micro-housing program relevant in today’s dynamic structure of society.