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The common courtyard

Gara Banca, jud. Vaslui, România
Author: Oana CODRU
Tutor: Cristina Constantin, Cosmin Pavel
structuri: ing. Mădălin Coman

Authors’ Comment

Considering the fact that Romania has the greatest agricultural and rural society in Europe, with 45% of it’s population established in the village, there is no doubt that we need to look closer, now more that ever, to this segment of the population, to observe its events and to propose solutions. The purpose is to ensure the continuity of the village or, better said, to prevent it’s disappearence, because the village was and will be an important part of the romanian people.
The proposal for Gara Banca, Vaslui, will be a set of functions which will help the villagers to deposit, process and sell products made of fruits and vegetables.
The result of the project commands a new view of the Romanian architecture beyond the metropolitan and the urban space and recalls the potential of rural architecture calling for social and cultural unity.