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A market town, a house, a place to hather

Mihăileni, jud. Botoșani, România
Author: Raluca-Cristina-Alexandra BECHERU
Tutors: prof dr Ana-Maria Zahariade, sef lucr dr Vasilica Tihan, conf dr Adrian Iordăchescu

Authors’ Comment

In my diploma project I have analyzed the possibility of an a music academy in the village of Mihăileni ( The International Music Academy "George Enescu").
The settlement of Mihăileni is a fairly new one, as it dates it dates from the second part of the 18th century. Its first settlers were jewish merchands from Galicia. The city flourished until WW2. During the bombardments of WW2 most of the buildings were destroyed. Among the old houses that have survived the war is Enescu's house. The house is a historical monument type B.
The function proposed to revitalize the village and the historical monument is a music academy.
The intervention is made on four plots. In the first phase the houses Enescu and Luchian are restored. House Luchian is used for music lessons. The small new buildings on the plot are used for the kitchen and accommodation. The other plots are used for public events and agriculture. In the second phase two halls are added on the Moruzi plot: a multifunctional hall and a music hall.