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School of Culinary Arts - Sibiu

Sibiu, jud. Sibiu, România
Author: Alexandra CREȚU
Tutor: lect. dr.arh. Vladimir NICULA
Îndrumator structură: ing. Dragoș MARCU

Authors’ Comment

One of the challenges of our modern-day society is creating opportunities for cultural and creative activities. Thus, the Culinary Arts School represents a program that provide community growth through education and culture. Locating such a program in Sibiu, a city that has been transformed through cultural and ethnical diversity, prosperous trade and the intense activity of trade unions, could host and foster the growth of an emerging skills union – one of chefs. Nearby the historic center, in a low rise area, the enclosure type volumetric composition, accessible throught any one of its four sides, gathers around its central element , the court ( “the table” ) the institutional and the public spaces. The four restaurants, where the dining space integrates the kitchen, seem to be a new form of community. Creatively rich activities hold their place as one of the components in a holistic social life and are a vital part of an appealing city. Such an activity, the culinary art, demands and requires a space and a community.