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  • Nomination for the “Dissertation Projects” section

Microbiological Research Centre of ’Movile’ Cave Ecosystem

Mangalia, jud. Constanța, România
Author: Felicia-Constantina MILITARU
Tutor: dr. arh. Vladimir Nicula

Authors’ Comment

The need to build such a centre originated in the peculiarity of the ‘Movile’ cave ecosystem, an important discovery from 1986 that revealed the home of endemic specimens. For 5.5 mil. years this species have adapted to the isolated cave environment, with no exchange with the outside world, and could reveal what life looked like in the distant past. Moreover, according to NASA scientists, living conditions in this subterranean environment are the closest to the ones on Mars, where liquid water is proven to have existed, hence deeming the cave ecosystem an accessible environment for studying life on other planets.
Therefore, the concept of the proposal is a gate to the subterranean world and a designating this hidden place of valuable importance to the scientific community. From a structural point of view, it creates a succession of filter spaces, which control the accessibility and environment exchanges, gradually advancing from the surface to the subterranean environment. The unusual scale of the landscape makes the object barely noticeable, but with the help of the geometry it increases curiosity.
...It is just like looking into the ground to see distant galaxies using a mirror like projection of the sky on Earth...