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The Nest Apartment

The Nest Apartment

Authors: arh. Vlad Bașcă, Elena Bașcă
Firm: Baska Architecture

Builder: Novum Business Invest
Client: Privat

Authors’ Comment

Placed in Bucharest, in a new building complex, the interior design of the small size apartment, only 48 sqm , was a challenge for the architectural office of fulfilling the young ocupants demands: “welcoming, fully-functional and budget oriented”. Seeking efficient solutions for designing the small size interiors, the architecture office insistened that the general mood should be similar to the Scandinavian style for a better general atmosphere, that lacked natural light. The living is designed with a generous white-library with wood accents and a medium dark blue sofa to complement and balance the colors palette of the interior. The colors scheme is by far driven by the vast book collection of the ocupants, dominating the space and offering it that warm feeling of “home”.
The tiny kitchen, lacking in space, didn’t allow a traditional dining space so the team’s solution was to design a mini-bar area that worked as dining table. Managing costs and efficient spaces, the short term build time were main tasks right from the start of the design. This translated into incorporated storage furniture such as the king size bed or the couch that have integrated storage. Neutral grey tones complement the purple pillows and curtains.
The industrial design lighting objects complete the interior design with contrast and accents. The coffee table with it’s oak counter and fine wood details, the wooden light objects and plants set the warm mood and refine the Bucharest small apartment.

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