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Yoshi Apartment

Yoshi Apartment

Authors: arh. Vlad Bașcă, Elena Bașcă
Firm: Baska Architecture

Authors’ Comment

Situated in Bucharest, near the Politehnica student campus, the small apartment was designed to accomodate future students or a young family. The apartment’s initial layout was maintained, two rooms and an enclosed kitchen, one bathroom, and the design requirements were budget oriented and fast build time.
The lack of natural light and tight space dictated that the walls and the furniture should be white for optimal light bounce and creating the sensation of a larger space.
The living room accommodates a beige retractable couch, with integrated storage space and the rest of the furniture can be used as a seating space in case of “small parties”. The wooden floor, the unique chair and the golden curtains sublimely contrast the white room, setting a scandinavian design tone.
The kitchen was efficiently designed, with storage spaces and incorporating fixtures, washing machine, the oven etc. The vertical lines detailing the fronts, the dark color wood, the ceramic sand micro-cement balance the chromatic and contribute to a warmer atmosphere.
The small bedroom was designed with neutral tones relying on the turquoise curtains for chromatic contrast.

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