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House in Cornetu

House in Cornetu

Authors: arh. Cristina Constantin, arh. Cosmin Pavel

Structure project: ing. Mihai Viuleț (Metropolis Construct)
Beneficiari: Mihaela & Răzvan Vasilescu
Builder: Mihai Vasilescu

Authors’ Comment

The house in Cornetu is a simple house, somewhere between archetype and toy, a house that you can carry with you, easily, in your mind. The construction site started in 2011 and after a while the family occupied the ground floor heated by the terracotta stove. It took untill 2019 for the attic to be finished. (Cristina Constantin, Cosmin Pavel)

"I look from the bus, in the evening, at the bright yellow windows and they all seem to tell a gentle story. A friend captured as much as can be captured from the story of the house in Cornetu. Looking at the pictures, I realized that my story is the one I put in the yellow windows, my story is easeful. ” (Mihaela Vasilescu)

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