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S Villa

Voluntari, jud. Ilfov, România
Author: arch. Bogdan Andrei Fezi / S.C. Arcvision S.R.L.
Collaborators: Proiectare de rezistență: ing. Marius TUDOR, S.C. CUANTUM DESIGN S.R.L.
Proiectare instalații sanitare, încălzire și electrice: ing. Andrei MINTEUAN, ing. Florin Manga, ing. Marius NECHIFOR, ing. Adrian ENCIU, S.C. AD Clima Consult S.R.L.

Authors’ Comment

The first reasoning about the project with the owner started from men migrations. We tend to think of man as settling down for ever and of the house as being eternal, but men, streets and regulations change restlessly. Projects grow, buildings get older, sometimes change and most often die.
The stake of the project was therefore to take a snapshot of the world movement. We noticed that the frozen landscape after a snow storm is a rare moment when nature catches the ephemeral.
To achieve the project objective, model studies and computer simulations were conducted. Some involved snow and wind and some involved light and water. Layers of foam were spread on models and then cross-section curves were used for the computer 3D model.
The shape was used to insure light and wind protection which went along with the intelligent house control and alternative heating sources. Materials were kept to a minimum: white façade that emphasizes form, interior and exterior floors are white too, the carpentry is grey aluminum.

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