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L Apartment

București, România
Author: arch. Bogdan Andrei Fezi / Arcvision S.R.L.

Authors’ Comment

The apartment came as an extension of the existing level. The masonry structure was partly replaced with a steel structure. The L shaped plan and the different stairs positions are imposed by the connections with the existing levels. The natural lighting lead to the enhancement of the circulation toward the garden, with the large windows letting nature to visually penetrate inside. The glass interior and exterior balustrades amplify the visual links. The major two spaces are scattered along this circulation: the kitchen and the living room. The white surfaces are the support for the coloured contrast. The inclined ceiling of the double height spaces accentuates the visual direction towards the garden. The space tensions lead to the curvature of the walls and furniture starting from the kitchen. The whole equipments and audio video system is hidden in order to emphasise the role of specially designed elements for this space: paintings, sculptures. The furniture alternates contemporary pieces with old reinterpreted ones.

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