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Cubic 6 Mărăcineni ensemble

București, România
Author: arch. Silviu Mihăilescu / SMAA
Collaborators: Structura: Ideea Proiect
Instalații: Midinstall

Authors’ Comment

The Mărăcineni Ensemble is a residential complex where the quality of life takes precedence over the urban density, and where each housing unit benefits from public spaces, planted spaces, leisure and relaxation facilities and enough parking spaces. The ensemble is developed longitudinally between the two access streets, with a balanced layout where the perimeter is taken up by individual one-storey houses disposed in rows of four or six, and the exclusively pedestrian central area contains the public spaces and shared facilities, as well as two two-storey collective housing buildings with a retreated third floor, with a park between them.
The reduced height on the property perimeter respects the height of the mainly individual houses on the neighboring properties, while the collective housing buildings enjoy a nice perspective over the park and over the rows of villas inside the ensemble. The privacy of the terraces above the second floor is ensured by the lack of buildings taller than one-storey from the vicinity.

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