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House PI

București, România
Author: arch. Radu Canciovici / Cardo Plan
Collaborators: Arhitectura: Arh. Andrei Palița
Structura: Ing. Cristian Constantinescu

Authors’ Comment

Situated in the countryside, the 110 sqm house PI seeks for a discreet profile, fit for the context, blending in the landscape as much as possible. All pre-existent and consistent vegetation was preserved in order to reach this goal. Also, a one floor solution trying to follow the 15% slope of the terrain was proposed. The result is a composition of two offset volumes, both horizontally and vertically, articulated by a third one – the chimney, marking the main entrance area. The two volumes are sheltering the main areas of the house – the bedrooms area and the living area, separated by the entrance. An additional secondary entrance makes the connection to the outhouse of the property. A large terrace placed in front of the living room is linking the house to the beautiful plain landscape standing ahead, with a view that has depths of several kilometres, typical for the southern part of Romania.

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