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M House

București, România
Author: arch. Silviu Mihăilescu / SMAA
Collaborators: Structura: Ideea Proiect
Instalații: Midinstall

Authors’ Comment

The M House is placed close to the property line of an expansive plot, dominated by natural vegetation, towards which it opens consistently on each level. The volume composition decreases towards the garden, so that the terraces above the ground floor enjoy the same beautiful views as the daytime area. Because the main façade overlooking the garden is largely glazed and oriented towards South and East, several interventions with notable aesthetic effects were needed in order to ensure its shading. Thus, the slab over the ground floor is cantilevered, and the first floor windows are provided with thin canopies. These ensure the shade needed during the summer, but allow the winter sun to heat up the interiors.
The volume composition is mostly made up of horizontal volumes, clad in light-colored natural materials, with a single vertical accent, which also constitutes a color accent – the wood-clad access volume. The loggia facing the garden takes the shape of a white, two-dimensional strip, folded in order to become the floor, wall and canopy. The only thing that interrupts its continuity is a black horizontal slit, placed right beneath the soffit.

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