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M House

București, România
Author: arch. Silviu Mihăilescu / SMAA

Authors’ Comment

The interior design project for the M house was conceived in full agreement with the composition of the exterior, made up of a succession of volumes developed on the horizontal, which decrease in height towards the garden. The surfaces and materials are continued from the outside in, and the dialogue between them becomes increasingly intense as the differently finished planes get close to one another, defining the main space of the house – the daytime area.
As for the layout, the elongated plan, oriented towards the landscaped courtyard, is separated into several sequences of spaces, all of them developed lengthwise and parallel to the garden façade. The round pillars of the house do not compete with the dominant horizontal line, and always retreat from the thin edges of the plates and from the separating elements between the rooms, being perceived as design elements rather than structural pillars.
Another feature of the interior space is the composition of the elongated virtual volumes that contain the spaces, on the horizontal and on the vertical. By transposing the game of room sequences, easily discernible in the plans, into three dimensions, the relationships between the spaces gain individuality through the placement at different levels along the vertical.

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