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Străulești residential complex

București, România
Authors: arch. Vlad Drăghescu – șef de proiect, arch. Alexandru Călin / S.C. Point Zero S.R.L.
Collaborators: Structură: Incona
Instalații: A.M.B. Design Project
Peisagistică: Atelier Foaie Verde
Constructor: ACMS-GC

Authors’ Comment

The residential complex lies in northern Bucharest, on the shores of the Grivița Lake, in an area that is rapidly developing. The ensemble comprises two separate buildings, reunited by a common basement, harbouring 20 parking places.
The two buildings include 11 apartments each, ranging from one to three bedrooms. The areas of the apartments are generous, while still keeping with reasonable totals. The general composition of the façades and the exterior surfaces promote an orderly image, with generous openings towards the lake, attempting to give the privilege of this orientation to as many apartments as possible. Most of the façades are covered with white plaster and clinker, with local woodwork and metal stripes painted black. Special attention has been given to the design of common interior spaces, where a more playful image is attempted, through the use of contrasting materials and colours.
The project also included the landscaping of the yard and of the area towards the lake, to which every inhabitant has free and equal access.

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