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Comana House

Comana, jud. Giurgiu, România
Author: arch. Radu Cristian Rădulescu / ARhit / BIA Radulescu Radu
Collaborators: Structura: ing. Cristian Caita
Instalatii: Ing. Delia Niculae

Authors’ Comment

The house is located in the city of Comana, Giurgiu County and its plan it's similar with the architecture of holiday houses in the northern countries both in volumetric and structural terms.
The construction has a dynamic volumetry and it's made right to have its place on the slope. Land degradation allowed the creation of a basement under the living area. Access to the ground floor is done from an outside staircase in the parking area.
The house plan is pavilionary, and develops around the inner courtyard, an intimate, protected space. The roof is made of wooden,covered by dark grey metal that goes down to the ground, protecting the facades of the building. The entrance to the house is made by a cut in the volume, the cut that reaches the vertical wall of the white-walled panel. Otherwise, all volume cuts reveal portions of white-wainscot walls.
The house has three bedrooms and the forth one is located in a different space' separated from the main body. The living room is facing the Comana forest. The kitchen, the dining room and the living room are open to one another. The angles of the plan partially delimit the area of the lounge.

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