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Mediterranean style house

București, România
Authors: arch. Cristian -Cosmin Frunză, arch. Alexandra Ioana Frunză / SC Cofran Design SRL
Collaborators: Structură: ing. Adrian Gutunoi

Authors’ Comment

This house is a blend between the clients artist spirit, his preference for Mediterranean style, our own style and the limitations imposed by a small and narrow lot.
There is a separation of functions on each level (the ground floor is the living area, the upstairs is the night area and the loft is for hobbies), with an emphasis on certain areas. Thus, in the cylindrical area on the main façade there is the "painting workshop", visually separated from the rest of the living room.
The exterior finishes, made of decorative plasters and natural stone plating, are in bright style-specific colours. Polyurethane decorations treated with decorative plasters border the windows. The roof is covered in ceramic tiles and clay tiles were used for the fence and the outer terrace area.
Colour was naturally integrated into the concept, through decorative mosaics on the terrace, blue carpentry and the interior design. The facades are dominated by symmetry, thus achieving a harmonious result with a special aesthetic value.

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