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RDW Design House

RDW Design House

Authors: Cosmina Goagea, Justin Baroncea, Constantin Goagea
Firm: Zeppelin design

Cristina Ginara, Ioana Naniș, Andrei Angelescu, Emanuel Birtea, Alexandru Ivanof, Iulia Panait, Alexandru Voicu, Anastasia David Limona, Sonia Lascu

graphic design: Radu Manelici, Pren

Authors’ Comment

RDW Design House

At the ground floor, mix with shops, Torino, Barcelona and nordic design.
At the upper floor Madrid.

At the ground floor pink chicken, posters near the stairs, posters in the cage, clothing in GRID cubes and various items on a white countertop.
At the upper floor design on shiny coloured surfaces.

At the ground floor white prisms, white countertop, mobile fenced cages, chicken in transparent metacrilate cube and two large cubes for the shop.
At the upper floor various object sitting on glossy violet, grid structures on glossy pink, asphalt table and brick lamp an glossy blue, ceramic lamps on glossy turqoise and kanji on ciel bleu.

At the ground floor experiments and comerce.
At the upper floor object design.

At the ground floor matter and laboratory.
At the upper floor optimisantion, serial production.

We installed the white prisms, panels, cubes and gloss.

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