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Exhibition Design “Shaping Design. Together” MNAR

Exhibition Design “Shaping Design. Together” MNAR

Autor principal:
arh. Eliza Yokina
arh. Zenaida Elena Florea
arh. Răzvan Mălăncioiu
arh. Yasmin Asan
Firm: Cumulus Architecture

Client: CARTIERUL CREATIV finanțat de AFCN
Photo: Radu Matei, Roald Aron

Authors’ Comment

The exhibition celebrates the creative evolution of Romanian contemporary design, highlighting four studios: Agnes Lukacs, Dare to Rug, Radu Abraham, Dragoș Motica (AȘKIA R&D) and Stardust Architects. “Shaping Design. Together” (the concept and name of the exhibition) means bringing together. The exhibition space is defined by two rooms densified by central pillars. The objects are brought together in the center of each room, through two instances of the circle.
In the first instance – the first room, the visitor revolves around the circle. Perforations in the circle base allow objects to be approached and observed closely. The pillars are contained in the base and disappear under a mirror covering, allowing the exhibits to become central pieces.
In the second instance of the circle, the visitor is brought inside, in its core. The second room is defined by a circular perimeter pedestal that, like a piazza, becomes the background of an interactive space, of visitors with exhibited objects.

Area: 910 sqm

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