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Modul Cărturești

Modul Cărturești

Authors: Constantin Goagea, Justin Baroncea, Anastasia David, Alexandru Condrea, Cristina Ginara, Ioana Naniș, Alexandru Ivanof
Zeppelin Design

Echipa Cărturești: Cristi Mureanu, Monica Gal
Collaborators: Sonia Lascu
Design grafic: Radu Manelici
Fotograf: Cosmin Dragomir

Beneficiar: Cărturești

Authors’ Comment

A bookstore, an exhibition space and a café in the center of Bucharest, with an entrance from the portico of Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism, which offers the opportunity to open the school towards the city. Once the students go home, the University of Architecture remains a container, an edifice that does not participate in the city's life when it becomes the most effervescent. The opening of the bookstore and the exhibition hall to the public (re)defines the relationship between the school and the inhabitants of Bucharest.

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