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Multiplexity – architectural competition

Multiplexity – architectural competition

autor principal : arh. Letiția Bărbuică
Coauthors: arh. Nichita Bengea
arh. Andreea Filipeanu
Firm: Head Made Architecture SRL

Authors’ Comment

The idea of the project was to create a visual and physical connection between the two cultural spaces, starting with the very idea of the competition the MULTIPLICITY: multiple, multiplied, multivalent, multifunctional, multi nuclear: a space for coexisting events, overlapping complex and dynamic.

There two spaces are designed to accommodate multiple scenarios in different combinations or arrangements.
For the site 1 we proposed 3 options for the use of the exterior space + 3 options for the use of the interior space and for the site 2 we proposed 7 options for the main exhibition space + 6 options for the outdoor space.

Although not requested in the brief we thought is important to ensure continuos indoor connections between all spaces, except fot the business hub. It functions separately, as it served a different type of users.

In the spirit of multifunctionality and adaptability of the space, the immersive room is as a removable structure, thus not affecting the main exhibition space. When the immersive experience and exposure will become obsolete,there is space for another experiment of technology and art.

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