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Pediatric Sleep Therapy REGINA MARIA

Pediatric Sleep Therapy REGINA MARIA

Authors: arh. Letitia Barbuica
head made architecture srl

Beneficiar: Centrul Medical Unirea

Authors’ Comment

The inspiration for this space was a colouring book for children. You can see this on the hallway walls. This houses wallpaper generated the theme that we developed through the whole space. Based on cured child psychological research we integrated pale shades of blue as being soothing and relaxing. In agreement with the beneficiary , we used this colour despite the facts that is not part of their brand strategy. We added furniture elements for sit and for play cheer the kids when they finish the investigation. The main reception area is design in such a a way to extend and connect with a back office space. It can be used as training spaces for parents, nurses for doctors, outside the working hours. When I received on facebook the picture of a friend's kid treated here, sitting on a hospital bed, all smiling, I knew the design strategy truly works and creates an interesting and stress free space for children.

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