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Pediatric Clinic – Regina Maria – The Light

Pediatric Clinic – Regina Maria – The Light

Authors: arh. Letitia Barbuica, arh. Ionut Chirila, arh. Nichita Bengea
Firm: HeadMade Architecture

Builder: SC Consola Grup SRL
Mobilier: Interior Resources, MobilArt, Chairry Contract Furniture
Lumini custom: SC Lightwork Studio SRL
Photo: arh. Ionut Chirila

Authors’ Comment

The existing office building was modified in order to get approval for a pediatric clinic. It includes consultation rooms, RMN, RX and CT rooms, but also a play field for children. We imagined a huge living room dedicated to children: spaces to play hide and sick, funny pebble chairs, projection games, interactive floor lamps, soft wave like slides. The bathroom are transformed to fit kids scale, with lower sinks and decorative mirrors.

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