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Dramatic Arts Centre on Luterana Street

Dramatic Arts Centre on Luterana Street

Authors: Sonia Dumitrescu

Tutor: prof. dr. habil. arh. Horia Moldovan
Universitatea de Arhitectură și Urbanism „Ion Mincu” București

Authors’ Comment

The proposed site is located in a central, representative area of the city with a strong cultural character. The project completes the frontage of Luterană Street while preserving the facade of the inter-war garage on the site and is in keeping with the morphology of the site. The insertion has two main components, the public one, the theatre, and the educational one, the faculty of dramatic arts. The main direction of the project is the spatial flexibility necessary for artistic experimentation, which is reflected in the architecture. The proposed volume unites the two functions through a succession of interconnected spaces, from which the buildings of the two performance halls are vertically separated. Two different courtyards are created, visually communicating and physically separated by the access area. The exterior treatment is homogeneous, defined by the permeable ground floor and the tectonic upper area, while the interior space captures the scenographic character through sculptural furniture and curtains that create a dramatic effect.

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