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Olympic Pool at Strandul Tineretului

Olympic Pool at Strandul Tineretului

Authors: Vladut Toroimac

Tutor: prof. dr. inv. Vladimir Arsene si prof. dr. Letitia Barbuica
Universitatea de Arhitectură și Urbanism „Ion Mincu” – București

Authors’ Comment

The Kiseleff Public Pool is the place where athletes, amateurs, nature, and architecture come together. The project proposes the restoration of a clear planimetric composition and the preservation of the modernist architecture of the initial project, designed by Marcel Iancu in 1929. In addition to the ensemble, there is a proposal for the construction of a modern Olympic pool and a park. The proposed volumetry is simple and complements the original ensemble. Today, it is partially demolished. The new building is a transparent boundary, mediating the relationship between old and new, spectator and athlete, built and unbuilt. The new park becomes the boundary between the public area and the area designated for the public beach. The new hall is simple and austere, a temple of swimming made of metal, concrete, and glass, located near the birthplace of the sport of swimming in Bucharest.

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