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Ash - between spirit and matter - experimental area of culture
  • Nomination for the “Research through Architecture / Architecture Diplomas” section

Ash - between spirit and matter - experimental area of culture

Authors: Alexandra Mihaela Aluchi

Coordonator diplome: Conf.dr.arh. Oana Diaconescu, Conf.dr.arh. Ștefania Ruse, Prof.dr.arh. Tomnița Florescu, Mihaela Lazăr, Lect.dr.arh. Cristina Maria Chira, Lect.dr.arh. Daniel Nicolae Armenciu, Asist.dr.arh. Pietro Dorissa,Lect.dr.arh. Justin Baroncea, Roxana Mitarcă.
Universitatea de Arhitectura „Ion Mincu” Bucuresti - Facultatea de Arhitectura de Interior

Authors’ Comment

"You Shaped Me"
The Cenușa Ensemble extension.

This concept was born after studying Camillo Boito's principles of restoration. Being a historical monument, Alexandra understood the need to apply the principles of correct restoration.
As a result, the respect shown to the studied ensemble resulted in the chosen form of intervention. The adjoining Class A monument buildings are kept to a minimum, as the intention is to preserve the national heritage.
The architectural extension with the function of a Cultural Centre has been designed to be inclusive. The extension part benefits from a main ramp system with a gradient of 5-8%, as well as a special elevator with a 1.5 m turnaround. This gives a smooth passage through the space but also a social inclusion that is completely necessary for modern day design.
Because of its location in relation to the centre of Bucharest, being at the confluence of the fourth sector and the central area, the complex is a bridge to the cultural development of the city. The route is an initiatory one for humans when they first arrive in the extension. Passing by the reception the person reaches the memorial area for the 45 victims of the Revolution who were brought to the Cenușa Crematorium and burned to cover up the situation, and then arrives in the museum area to discover the funerary architecture. The area with which the tour ends is a testament to its existence, having been made for the urns removed from the crematorium chambers. The continuation of this route will be from the lower part of the columbarium. The basement as well as the ground floor are part of the circuit, constituting a museum area for the urns and the first floor becomes a closed circuit research area.
The proposed circuit does not connect to the central point of interest, the Crematorium, which is the perspective head for the end of the route and is transformed into a performing arts and exhibition space.
The ensemble also benefits from an extended green area, a park of its own that merges seamlessly with the Tineretului Park.
The name of the extension "You Shaped Me" is not accidental, as it defines the reason for its form. Planimetrically, an intention has been made to avoid as smoothly as possible the historical monuments and protected tree areas.
Everything that is built must embrace what is already there, not destroy it.

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