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Thermal Water Complex Baneasa Lake

Thermal Water Complex Baneasa Lake

Authors: Joița Alexandra Simina

Tutor: Dragoș Perju
Universitatea de Arhitectura si Urbanism Ion Mincu

Authors’ Comment

The theme of this work stems from the attempt to raise awareness about the importance of the thermal water resources available in the Northern area of Bucharest. Following in-depth research, architecture serves as a response to how these resources can be utilized. The goal was to address the Masterplan encompassing functions found in a spa resort and integrate them into a cohesive concept.

The concept is inspired by the dynamic sculpture called "Mobile" created by Alexander Calder. It revolves around the balance of the entire ensemble, how the constructions "gravitate" around the archaeological site, how each element balances the overall composition, and the removal of one destabilizes everything.

The initial concept of the architectural solution arises from incorporating the void from Calder's element into the construction. The secondary concept is represented by prisms made of natural stone on which the building is placed, thereby creating double-height spaces and a fluid movement at the level of the pools.

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