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E4 HOUSE- Nearly Zero Energy Building

Authors: arch. Sergiu - Cătălin Petrea, arch. Cristina Petrea, arch. Sabrina Ene / TECTO Arhitectura
Collaborators: Eficienta energetica si analiza economica: Prof. Dr. Ing. Emilia-Cerna Mladin (AAECR)
Consultanta sisteme energetice: Ing. Kurt Theiss (ECONTECH THEISS)
Colaborator arhitectura: arh. Sebastian Burcoveanu
Structura: Ing. Carmen Balint, Ing. Andreea Licsandru, Ing. Alexandru Canghizer (EXPERT PROJECT CONSULTING)
Instalatii: Ing. Cristian Ghițuleasa, Ing. Mihaela Apostol (MAESTRO PROIECT)
Credite foto: Andrei Mărgulescu, Andrei Gândac

Authors’ Comment

E4 starts with the development of advanced energy concepts as a prerequisite for 2010/31/EU Directive, which asserts that starting with 2020 all the new buildings will have ZERO ENERGY BALANCE. Thus, the so called E4 program - E for Energy, Economy, Ecology and Emotion – was developed as a possible future house model. TECTO Arhitectura team took the challenge of designing an E4 House, coming up with personalized ideas and design to enhance the 4 main concepts:
Energy efficiency refers to the minimization of energy consumption through design, seeking ways to use innovative heating and edge building technologies in order to become a referenced NZEB.
Environment. Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by the use of environmentally friendly renewable energy sources such as sun, geothermal heat or biomass.
Emotion & health. The house seeks to achieve that unique quality of living and explores ways to ensure a healthy room climate using as much as possible the natural building material of clay products.
Economy. Last but not least, we obtained an affordable house and maintenance costs in order to prove that it is possible to have an attractive and affordable NZEB.

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