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Forest Land Museum

Forest Land Museum

Authors: arh. Sergiu - Cătălin Petrea, arh. Sabrina Ene - Butnariu, arh. Sebastian - Ștefan Apostol, arh. Dan - Alexandru Roșu, arh. Diana - Elena Neagoe
Firm: TECTO arhitectura

Client: Asociația Română pentru Dezvoltare Locală Durabilă

Authors’ Comment

The architecture of Hunedoara county has a unitary character, by using constructive techniques, architectural typologies and materials that are similar and combined create harmonius compositions. However, there is a certain zoning at the county level from geographical, historical, ethnographic considerations,which led to the identification of six regions with common values: Tara Hategului, Tinutul Orăstiei, Valea Jiului, Valea Muresului de Jos, Tara Zarandului and Tinutul Pădurenilor. For this last region we propose the construction of a museum that will gather and represent as faithful as possible the characteristics of the region, highlighted in the form of a local ”household”,in Plosca village, Hunedoara County. Therefore, from a volumetric and architectural point of view, it will respect both the location on the site, the constructive system and techniques, as well as the typology specific to the dwelling houses and local households, in addition to the materials used and the recovery of existing building materials.
Formally, the architectural ensemble brings together in a contemporary note the local typology specific to the local households and houses, with a stone cellar, timberframe structure, hip roof and a marked access, verandah and wooden ornaments. From a functional point of view, the ”household” of Forest Land Museum will comprise of two buildings - a larger building conformed to the shape of the local churches typology, which will bring together exhibition spaces, galleries, offices, kitchen, and a smaller building, which will represent a study center consisting in a library and a space for discussions and workshops.

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