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București, România
Authors: arch. Sergiu - Cătălin Petrea, arch. Cristina Petrea, arch. Sabrina Ene / TECTO Arhitectura
Collaborators: arh. Sebastian Apostol
arh. Tania Băncilă

Authors’ Comment

The HSR office design aimed to bring to light the spirit of the company and its practical work even in the offices dedicated to the administration. Therefore, one of the essential elements defining the design is the recurrent appeal to the image of the forest and of the trees. In accordance with the space utility, the material choice oscillated between real wood or modern surfaces with imprints, evoking the lumber, for example. Thus, the opaque center of the open-space offices, where the kitchen and the two meeting rooms are, is clothed in wooden slats that mimic the trunks of the trees in the forest. Both meeting rooms, some hollows in this central utility spaces, have walls covered in stickers depicting photos of the forest. The work spaces are organized around this core, having a more contemporary approach when it comes to finishes and furniture. Another interesting point is represented by the reception office, positioned right in front of the entrance. This one overlaps the already common wooden wall with a green wall, of urban lichens, yet again a reference to the vegetal elements of the forest.

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