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94x Flat

București, România
Author: arch. Cristiana Zgripcea / CZ CAD

Authors’ Comment

The apartment is part of a recently completed building. Our intervention was expressed through furniture, decorations, and ceramic plating from the kitchen countertops.
The design approach was a minimalist one, with chromatics dominated by white, but with precious highlights (imperial blue, gold, copper) in each room. The furniture used is mostly made of solid wood, the shelf and the mirror from the dining area are made from sandalwood, and the TV combo from teak rebuilt wood.
Natural materials were also used for the courtains (cotton) and carpets (cotton and jute).
The accessories have an important role in completing the space, turning some atypical corners in highly efficient areas from a functional standpoint. The light is warm, creating a confortable mood, and an diaphanous space alongside the white chromatics.

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