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Primaverii Headquarters

București, jud. Botoșani, România
Author: arch. Cristiana Zgripcea / CZ CAD

Authors’ Comment

"Primaverii Headquaters" represents Bucharest's head office of one of the most original and revolutionary recently established multinational companies.
Ever since taking on the project and until the completion, we had available a total of 6 weeks. In addition to being the architect, I was also offered the role of the project manager.
The design vision was an urban/ industrial one, but at the same time trying to keep the objective of creating a warm workspace auspicious to daily labour.
Seeking this purpose, we chose to use natural materials, and to enhance their chromatics through high contrast mutual juxtapositions. The warm wide spread light was yet another important element that helped us achieve this.
A high percentage of all the decorative, lighting, branding and furniture elements were customized, following the users' needs but also the required visual guidelines of the company.
The resulting space is minimalist and functional, yet also extremely confortable and welcoming.

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