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Silver Ardesia Home

București, România
Author: arch. Cristiana Zgripcea / CZ CAD

Authors’ Comment

Silver Ardesia is an interior design project that redefines the space of a 65 m² apartment with one bedroom, in order to achieve a wide space, but with well defined functions.
In this project I focused on two main challenges: creating a fully functional living space that fits the needs of the client, while considering a limited budget.
The reshaping of the space meant taking down the kitchen walls and moving it, along with the bathroom, in order to obtain a fluid and airy space which serves the following functions: living room, dining room and kitchen.
For the repositioning of the bathroom I assigned a small part of the bedroom surface, and I created two areas: one with the utilitarian functions and one spa area.
The furniture was custom designed to fit perfectly in every space of the apartment. While designing it, I kept in mind the same principles of functionality, simplicity, elegance and an eye for details. The color palette is neutral and offers a favorable support for the preferences of the client.
Silver Ardesia is a fusion between strong vintage-industrial details and modern ones. The space is a mix between minimalism and well defined elements, which stand out in contrast.

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