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Ground Zero Brewery

București, România
Author: arch. Cristiana Zgripcea / CZ CAD

Authors’ Comment

Ground Zero is one of the most innovative craft beer breweries in Romania, both from a product and from a retail/ production space standpoint. The nonconformist fashion of the product had to leave its mark on the space, the design concept was beyond industrial, a minimalist and strongly pronounced one.
The chromatic is neutral, with overlapping grays that come from the materials of the production equipment, combined with white glass plating that emphasizes the hygene conditions of fabrication. The neon yellow paint highlights applied on the equipment trails, draw attention to the function of the space.
Essentially, beyond the brewery function, Ground Zero is a space open to the public, a space in which the passionate ones can participate in the fabrication process, in a setting that facilitates and highlights aesthetically the production of beer.

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