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Taupe Wood House

București, România
Author: arch. Cristiana Zgripcea / CZ CAD

Authors’ Comment

Taupe Wood is an interior design project for a 200 m² apartment with 2 bedrooms, in wich I wanted to create a space defined by the contrast between a neutral support-frame and bold accents in natural materials.
The apartment is defined by vast and bright spaces, but functional at the same time, with a central island that atracts the day to day activities.
The living area, the kitchen and the dining area share a common space, in which most of the equipments are built-in, in order to keep a flowing and uniform esthetic in the shared space. The furniture is customized for the existing spaces and the color palette is neutral, with small bold accents.
The focus point of the apartment is the wood strips plated wall that masks the entrances to the study and the bathroom. The beauty of this element is the rhythmicity in which the strips are disposed. The taupe shade and the natural texture of the wood blends well with the rest of the space.
The bedroom and the bathroom follow the same minimalist elegance, and stand out through the natural beauty of the materials.
Taupe Wood is an exercise of mixing fluid elements with bold accents in order to create a neutral and comfortable living space.

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