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Lobby Baneasa

București, România
Authors: arch. Miruna Pribeagu – arhitect, arch. Dan - Gabriel Pribeagu – arhitect, arch. Alexandru Răduț – arhitect / SC REFLEX ARCHITECTURE SRL
Collaborators: arh. Laura Lascar
arh. Horia Horobeanu

Authors’ Comment

By designing the lobby area of Concept Store Baneasa, we tried to counterbalance the commercial nature of the space by inducing the idea of a journey to the mountains, in which the experience is more important than the destination.
The mountain, a powerful symbol, energizes the spirit and brings people closer to the simple elements of nature beauty. The forest at the base of the mountain, located on the ground floor, is suggested by silhouettes of trees lost in a milky glass background.
The rugged terrain of the mountain is portrayed by the wood ceiling arranged in different angles, and the route markers are suggested through wood inserts in the ceramic floor. The prolonged route ramp guides the passerby to slowly visualize and contemplate the scenography thus created. Lights are arranged to suggest a warm summer morning, when nature awakes with a few drops falling from the ceiling, where the simple elements are creating a pleasant light diffusion.

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