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București, România
Authors: arch. Călin Radu, arch. Dan Enache, arch. Ioana-Lavinia Stan, arch. Alice Ioniță / Lama Arhitectura
Collaborators: Confectii metal: KRAUTZ Production

Authors’ Comment

Custom-made for a small place in the heart of Bucharest, Creamier wishes to express the bussines’s profile: artizanal coffee and gelato. The logo created by the architects follows the same trail of thought, and can be found cut out of each custom-made lamp, steel sheet sign on the brick wall and also on the plywood panel that masks the central heating. The bright colors of the ceramic tiles and textile cables remind the clients of the diversity of ice-cream flavors. The space had to be used in a smart way given the small surface, resulting in a distribution of the sitting areas along the perimeter of the space (walls but mainly windows). When talking about a space located in a corner building, one knows that the view opening is much wider towards the surroundings. Given the beautiful surroundings, this was another argument for placing the seats to face the outside. Thus, the curved plywood counter-top follows the contour of the room with only one detachment, in order to create a face to face, dialogue area. The color and shape of the counter-top reminds oneself of creamy coffee foam.

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