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Ted’s Coffee Co.

București, România
Authors: arch. Dan Enache, arch. Călin Radu, arch. Ioana-Lavinia Stan / Lama Arhitectura
Collaborators: Confectii metalice: KRAUTZ Production

Authors’ Comment

Ted's Coffee Co. franchise wanted a new image, in four different locations, projects that were carried out simultaneously. The project is located in the University Square area, at the ground floor of a residential building with an important pedestrian street view. In addition, the café features an outdoor terrace.
We wanted a warm and recognizable image. Thus, the concept has remained similar for all four locations - creating an active zone - the quick sale and traffic "to go" zone, with a passive, relaxing zone. In this framework, the use of metallic ceiling above the bar and the integrated lighting installations created from re-used "to-go" coffee cups arrangements of several sizes, along with the wooden furniture and flooring, have created a warm atmosphere. TED'S table is a solid oak table with legs in a triangular shape. Its length allows many people to gather around, stimulating communication and sociability.
The warm feeling grows inside the coffee shop, due to the warm wood used for floors, next to the screed flooring used for the shop area.

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